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A machine travels half way around the world

Ottobre 2015


No market is further away from Bystronic's headquarters than New Zealand. A few months ago, for the very first time, a ByAutonom 4020 set out on the long journey over there.

On 25 March, several large orange containers are unloaded in front of Steve Caddle's factory hall. His ByAutonom 4020 with rotary axis has arrived. The laser cutting system has travelled 18,000 kilometers – from Niederönz in Switzerland all the way to Auckland in New Zealand. There Steve Caddle manages Precision Laser Cutting Limited.  

When Bystronic delivers machines to its customers they are pre-assembled to form just a few large sub-assemblies, which are unloaded using a hoisting crane and installed on site by Bystronic technicians. See the arrival of the machine sub-assemblies at Precision Laser in the photo gallery above. You can read about why Steve Caddle was so keen to have a ByAutonom 4020 with a rotary axis very soon in the next edition of BystronicWorld.


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