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Design increases functionality

Agosto 2015


Successful design creates added value. With the Xpert 40 press brake, Bystronic solves the question: How can users bend small parts as efficiently and as conveniently as possible?

The Xpert 40’s design supports operator interaction with the machine. Drawers offer sufficient storage space for equipment. So all of the essential tools and measuring instruments are always close at hand, even if the machine is relocated last-minute. In addition, an automatic tool clamping system simplifies equipping the machine: Connect tools and you are ready to go.

Bending should be efficient as well as comfortable. As a result, the idea to provide Xpert 40 operators with a customizable working position was born. A stool can be individually adjusted to the desired work position. In combination with the height-adjustable folding table at the front of the machine, very large batches can be comfortably processed on the Xpert 40.

Successful design also means: avoiding wasting space. Everything about the Xpert 40 is compact and functional. As a result, the press brake can be integrated into virtually any setting. This leads to flexibility for utilization in industrial environments, which can change every day.


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