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Lean assembly award

Luglio 2015


Bystronic receives the award for “Best Assembly Idea 2015”. Circular production increases technician processing speeds and decreases production costs.

Electronic assembly at Swiss headquarters in Niederönz is where Bystronic manufactures the PC controls for its laser and waterjet cutting systems following the Lean principle. To this end, a previously linear assembly path was simply bent to a circle.

Electronics technicians simplify complex assembly processes and shorten long paths; everything is close at hand in a circle. This innovative manufacturing process is what won Bystronic the “Best Assembly Idea 2015” award at the assembly conference in Fürstenfeldbruck.

In circular assembly, Bystronic employs one or two electronics technicians, who can assemble up to ten PCs simultaneously. A preparatory step consists of populating ten assembly stations with parts and pre-installing assemblies. Next, the technicians assemble the PCs in separate steps and perform a function test as the final step. With the touch of a button, technicians cycle the circle forward in order to work on the next unit. All necessary tools are located directly at the workstation or suspended above the circle: By simply reaching up, the technician can access the correct screwdriver.

This circular assembly enables technicians to decrease production time by up to 45 percent. That equals approximately 870 work hours per year. The same number of hours that a single electronics technician works in 21 weeks.

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