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Competence Days 2015: World Class Manufacturing

Maggio 2015


Bystronic welcomes customers from across the globe and introduces them to innovations in software, bending, and laser and waterjet cutting.

Optimize each process step. That is «World Class Manufacturing». Bystronic will show customers how at Competence Days, from June 1st to the 13th. At the Swiss headquarters in Niederönz, our guests from across the globe discover innovations in what we do best: sheet processing. 

Laser cutting: Laser cutting has never been this dynamic. We increase parts production with fast machining systems and intelligent automation solutions. 

Bending: Set up, connect, and start bending. Because users don’t want to waste time or energy. We will show you the future of bending at Bystronic. 

Waterjet cutting: Regardless of whether 2D or 3D technology is involved. We design machining systems to meet our users’ needs. We provide the right functionality for higher efficiency. 

Software: Why make things complicated when they can be easy? With our newest generation of software, users can optimize their cutting and bending processes. From first drafts to finished parts. 

Services: Parts need to be produced quickly, flawlessly, and cost-effectively. Our innovative services support users in this.

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